COLDEX Early Career Researcher Scholarship Fund

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The Center for Oldest Ice Exploration (COLDEX) is an NSF Science and Technology Center formed in 2021 to explore Antarctica for the oldest possible ice core records of our planet’s climate and environmental history, and to help make polar science more inclusive and diverse.

COLDEX scholarship funds are open to any current Early Career Researcher, defined here as any student (undergraduate or graduate), post-baccalaureate researcher, or postdoctoral fellow working in the United States.

Any Early Career Researcher working in the United States may apply for funding toward research or broadening participation work related to the COLDEX mission. Research or broadening participation work may be proposed by individuals or as part of a collaborative team of early career researchers with clear indication of what role each team member will play in the work and how the funds should be distributed among team members. We suggest a budget limit for research projects of $5,000. Please contact Kristen Rahilly ( and Danielle Whittaker ( to discuss budgetary needs above this amount.

Apply through this form: There is no deadline to apply, though the total amount available each year is limited.

Please contact Kristen Rahilly ( with any questions.

Dr. Kristen Rahilly, she/her
Director for Education
Center for Oldest Ice Exploration, COLDEX