2nd US Ice Core Community Meeting (IceCOMM)

May 8-10, 2023

Center for Urban Horticulture

University of Washington, Seattle, WA




The second annual US Ice Core Open Science Meeting will be held May 8-10, 2023, at the beautiful Center for Urban Horticulture at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. Registration for the meeting is now open.

Abstract Submission and Early Registration Deadline are March 15, 2023.

This meeting is intended for anyone interested in ice core science or related fields, including ice-core analysis, ice or subglacial drilling, glacier geophysics that supports or depends on ice core records, paleoclimate, and contemporary climate and ice sheet change.

Goals of the meeting include 1) sharing the latest science, 2) discussing future ice core science projects in both polar regions and in alpine environments, 3) providing career development opportunities, and 4) improving communication about ice-core and related science both within and beyond the scientific community. We hope to attract a diverse group of participants, including those who may not have extensive experience working with ice cores.

While this meeting is primarily oriented at researchers in the US, international colleagues are welcome to attend.

The meeting will begin midday on Monday, May 8, and end in the late afternoon of Wednesday, May 10. There are three additional meetings occurring in conjunction with the US Ice Core Open Science Meeting:

  • Ice Core Early Career Researcher Workshop (ICECReW) on Sunday, May 7 and Monday morning May 8. Applications have closed.
  • COLDEX short course for early career researchers on Thursday May 11 and Friday May 12 at Camp Casey, Whidbey Island, WA. Applications have closed.
  • Ice Core Working Group (including participants from the IDP Science Advisory Board) on Thursday May 11 on the UW campus (ATG210). This meeting is open to all.

To ensure you do not miss announcements, we recommend joining the Hercules Dome mailing list.


Sunday ICECReW
Monday Morning ICECReW

Monday, May 8

1:00Meeting OrganizersWelcome and introduction
1:10Heidi RoopJournalism Introduction
1:20Paul CutlerNSF Update
1:30Ed BrookCenter for Oldest Ice Exploration (COLDEX)
1:45Eric SteigHercules Dome Ice Core Project
2:20Sophia WensmanImpacts of the Black Death on lead pollution sources: Insights from northeast Greenland ice
2:40Ben HillsHistorical ice flow at Western Hercules Dome has been stabilized by a bedrock ridge
3:00Bess KoffmanWomen’s collaboration helps close gender gap in ice core science
3:30Poster Session (see list of posters) and Appetizers (must be out by 5:30)

Tuesday, May 9

8:30Breakfast and Coffee
 Geophysics & Site Selection
9:00Megan KerrCOLDEX geophysical mapping of the southern flank of Dome A, Antarctica
9:15Shuai YanConstraining past ice flow using englacial radio-stratigraphy and numerical modeling - examples from previous East Antarctic aero-geophysical surveying
9:30Annika HorlingsSnow accumulation at Hercules Dome, Antarctica during the last 420 years
9:45Ayobami OgunmolasuyiInvestigating the Impacts of Impurities and Stress State on the Flow and Microstructural Evolution of Polycrystalline Ice
 New Methods
10:45John-Morgan ManosUsing Distributed Temperature Sensing for Ice Borehole Thermometry
11:00Madeleine Lomax-VogtDetermining the elemental compositions of hundreds of thousands of individual atmospheric mineral nano- and micro-particles entrapped in Antarctic glacial ice from the last glacial-interglacial cycle
11:15Alexander MichaudTowards an effective method for microbial cell recovery and genomic analysis from ice cores
11:30Merlin MahRELIC: Lab Adventures in Laser Cutting Ice
 Past Environmental Change
1:30Ursula JongebloedIndustrial-era Decline in Arctic Methanesulfonic Acid is Offset by Increased Biogenic Sulfate Aerosol
1:45Jacob ChalifAnthropogenic NOx emissions, not declining marine primary production, drive reduced modern MSA levels in the Denali ice core
2:00Bess KoffmanAbrupt changes in atmospheric circulation during the Medieval Climate Anomaly and Little Ice Age recorded by Sr-Nd isotopes in the Siple Dome ice core, Antarctica
2:15Brad MarkleUnderstanding the pattern of Antarctic surface temperature and ice sheet elevation change
2:45Poster Session (see list of posters)
6:00Evening Banquet at Agua Verde

Wednesday, May 10

8:30Breakfast and Coffee
 Past Environmental Change
9:00Jacob MorganResponse of tropical precipitation to abrupt climate change recorded by atmospheric oxygen isotopes
9:15David ReuschCharacterizing Precipitation and Accumulation Variability at Hercules Dome, Antarctica
9:30Christo BuizertThe Greenland spatial fingerprint of DO events in observations and models
9:45Austin CarterIce core record of mineral dust variability across the MIS 6 to 5e transition at the Allan Hills, East Antarctica
 Atmospheric Gases
10:45Vasilii PetrenkoInsights into the preindustrial atmospheric methane budget from 14CH4 and 14CO measurements at Law Dome, Antarctica
11:00Julia Marks PetersonNew early Pleistocene atmospheric carbon dioxide and methane data from the Allan Hills Blue Ice Area, Antarctica
11:15Michael DyonisiusTowards improving 14C calibration curve and constraining the source of CO2 rise in Heinrich stadial 1 using measurements from ice cores
11:30Murat AydinMethyl chloride measurements from Antarctic ice cores covering the last 55 thousand years
 Future of the Community
1:30Joe SouneyIDP Long Range Science Plan
1:40Curt La BombardNSF Ice Core Facility
1:50Eric SteigHercules Dome
2:00Ed BrookCOLDEX
2:10Erich OsterbergGreenland Traverse
2:15Tyler JonesSouth Dome, Greenland
2:20Kaitlin KeeganTaylor Dome
2:30Eric SaltzmanTaylor Dome H2
2:40Peter NeffAmundsen Array
2:50Brad/Kira - Logan 
 Future of the Community
3:30Seth CampbellJuneau Icefield Research Program (JIRP)
3:40Kaitlin KeeganIce Core Meeting Future Plans
5:00Meeting Ends

Thursday, May 11

COLDEX short course on Whidbey Island

Ice Core Working Group Meeting

Working Draft Agenda
Thursday May 11, 2023
Room & building ATG 210, Univ. Washington, Seattle, WA
All times listed are Pacific time zone

8:30Coffee available
9:00Welcome and Goals for the meeting: T.J. Fudge
9:15NSF Remarks: Paul Cutler (to be confirmed)
9:30IDP Leadership update: Mary Albert
9:50IDP Operations update: Krissy Slawny
10:10IDP Education & Outreach update: Louise Huffman
10:30Coffee break
10:45Update from the NSF Ice Core Facility: Joe Souney, Richard Nunn and Curt LaBombard
11:15Discuss coordination with other working groups and the SAB
12:50Long Range Science Plan draft updates so far: Mary Albert
1:00ICWG priorities for Ice Drilling Technology Development in the LRSP: T.J. & ICWG discussion
1:30ICWG business
- Electing a new chair
- Data management, focused on ICF
- Blue ice core storage
- SAFECORE containers and core boxes
3:30Closed Session: T.J. and ICWG


Monday at 3:30 pm and Tuesday at 3:00 pm.

Posters should be vertical in layout. Posters will be taped to the walls such that there is no specific size requirement. Posters will be up for both the Monday and Tuesday sessions.

Center for Urban Horticulture, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Olivia TruaxModern Freshening Of Ross Sea Surface Waters Outside The Range Of Natural Variability Over The Last 5,500 Years
Lilly TiptonWhat caused the Late Holocene Dust Increase in Antarctic Ice Cores?
Julia AndreasenInvestigation of Martin Peninsula, Antarctica as a future Amundsen Sea ice core site
Mira BerdahlExploring Conditions of WAIS collapse during the Last Interglacial
Shivangini SinghLinking South Pole and Dome A using englacial stratigraphy: A COLDEX perspective
Liam KirkpatrickNext Generation Electrical Conductivity Measurements of Thin and Disturbed Layering
Madelyne WillisImaging Organic Matter in a Mars-analog Glacial Environment using Solid-phase Excitation Emission Matrix Spectroscopy
Stanislav KutuzovChanges in concentration and size distribution of micro and nano-particles in Taylor Glacier ice samples since the Last Glacial Period
Kaden MartinA three-core perspective on deglacial cooling and early Holocene warmth in Greenland
Lindsey DavidgeHigh-resolution water isotope variability in a >1Ma discontinuous blue-ice core from the Allan Hills, Antarctica
Drake McCrimmonAssessing the spatial variability of ammonium deposition across the Greenland ice sheet on regional and local scales to better inform forest fire reconstructions
Bishnu KunwarImpact of solar radiation on perchlorate formation in the atmosphere: Evidence from ice core measurement
Derek BrandisIn-depth volcanic event comparison and analysis of two Holocene volcanic records from the South Pole and WAIS Divide
Advik EswaranReconstructing Antarctic Accumulation with Data Assimilation
Kathleen WendtRapid atmospheric CO2 rise during Heinrich Stadials and Dansgaard-Oeschger Events
Shuting ZhaiPreservation of ice-core bromine in Arctic ice cores and interpretation of bromine trends since the preindustrial
John PattersonReconstructing atmospheric H2 over the past century from bi-polar firn air records
Jennifer Campos AyalaBiomass Burning throughout the Holocene: an acetylene record from Greenland and Antarctica
Olivia WilliamsNew δ 18 O atm data indicate Denali ice core record includes full Holocene
Duncan YoungThe initial COLDEX aerogeophysical survey of Southern Dome A: Overview and prospects
Howard ConwayCOLDEX site selection for a continuous deep ice core dating back to +1 Ma at the Allan Hills
Marguerite ShayaPreliminary ice fabric interpretations of polarimetric ApRES acquisitions at the Allan Hills, Antarctica
Merlin MahRELIC: Lab Adventures in Laser Cutting Ice
Noah BrownOptimizing a Continuous Flow Analysis (CFA) System for Water Isotope Research
Haley Lowes-BicayWater isotope variability between two sides of a deformed and stratigraphically complex ice core from the Allan Hills, Antarctica
Aaron CheslerOpposing Trends in South Pole Holocene Fine and Proportional Coarse Particle Concentration Imply Southern Hemisphere Warming and Westerly Wind Strengthening
Emma RobertsonEvaluating Atmospheric River Signatures In West Antarctic Ice Core Isotopic Records
Sarah ShackletonMolecular dynamics simulations of noble gas permeation in ice
Kevin RozmiarekAtmosphere to surface profiles of water-vapor isotopes and meteorological conditions informs the impact of sublimation and mixing on the northeast Greenlandic Ice Sheet
Paolo GabrielliUltra-rare single particles entrapped in ancient ice from Taylor Glacier, East Antarctica



Early Registration Fee for Faculty and Staff: $125.00 (March 15, 2023 deadline)
Early Registration Fee for Students and Postdocs: $75.00 (March 15, 2023 deadline)

Registration Fee for Faculty and Staff paid after March 15th, 2023: $225.00
Registration Fee for Students and Postdocs paid after March 15th, 2023: $150.00

To register for the meeting and/or submit an abstract use this link:

To pay the registration fee use this link:


The meeting is being held at the beautiful Center for Urban Horticulture at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. Oral presentations will be in NHS Hall. Poster presentation will be in the adjacent Merrill Commons.


Room blocks have been established at two hotels. Both the University Inn and Graduate Hotel are blocks from the Link light rail station. The conference venue at the Center for Urban Horticulture is a 1.5 mile walk across campus or can be reached via the 32 and 65 bus routes. Booking details for the two conference hotel blocks are below:

1. University Inn
Rate is $136 + taxes and fees. Reservations in the block can be made through this link: https://reservations.staypineapple.com/?adult=1&arrive=2023-05-08&chain=26225&child=0&config=rate&configcode=rate¤cy=USD&depart=2023-05-10&group=2305UWCOLL&hotel=40207&level=hotel&locale=en-US&rooms=1&utm_campaign=group-sales-ui&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=uw-college-of-the-environment-conference

2. Graduate Hotel
Rate is $149 + taxes and fees. Reservations in the block can be made through this link:
Your Group Names is: UW Earth & Space Science

Please book by April 6 to ensure you get the contracted rate.

There are additional hotels in the area, including the Silver Cloud Hotel Seattle - University District.


The conference banquet will be held on Tuesday, May 9 from 6-9 PM at Agua Verde Café. Some of the seating is outside, so please come prepared for cool conditions. If the weather is particularly uncooperative, the venue may change at the last minute. There is also the opportunity to rent kayaks and explore Lake Union.


Cate Bruns, Seth Campbell, T.J. Fudge, Kaitlin Keegan, Bess Koffman, Peter Neff, Heidi Roop