Ice Core Session At AGU 2023 Fall Meeting

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We would like to bring your attention and encourage you to submit relevant abstracts to the following AGU 2023 Fall Meeting session:

C017 - Ice Core Records of Environmental Change

Ice cores record environmental variability over seasonal to orbital timescales, often at a resolution unmatched by other archives. This session seeks to integrate ice core records from around the world with data from other paleoclimate archives and/or climate model simulations to gain insight into past and future environmental change.

We invite contributions on subjects including new ice core drilling projects, results from ongoing or past ice core campaigns, paleoenvironmental reconstructions, new analytical techniques, advances in proxy development and interpretation, integration of ice core records with data from other natural archives or climate model simulations, or glaciological studies that contribute to interpretation of ice core records. Contributions from large collaborative projects (e.g., EGRIP, COLDEX, Hercules Dome, Beyond EPICA Oldest Ice, Dome A, Third Dome Fuji, and Million Year ice core projects) as well as smaller projects are all very welcome in this session.

Primary Convener:
Vasilii V Petrenko, University of Rochester

Christo Buizert, Oregon State University
Eric J. Steig, University of Washington

Student/Early Career Convener:
Asmita Banerjee, Rice University

Session Link: